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Progress Report

As it's taking me a while to get things planned and organised and everything (because, believe it or not, I am actually doing a little bit of historical research... not too much of course, I want it to be true to the Bonkers universe ;) archaeological imagination and all that).

So I just thought I'd share what I've got done so far:

I've made these:
& & &
They're not perfect, but they'll do for the time being. I'm planning on making a few entries here giving a recap of what's happened to characters in the first series, and what's going to happen to them in the 'second'.

I've also settled on the artefact of the week for the first, second (well, sort of) and sixth episodes.

The first episode currently exists in bullet point form, with helpful reminders to myself such as "The team stands around a trench. Viv is unimpressed. Gillian is annoyed." and "Gillian & Ben talk about their relationship. Or something." and also "the artefact is destroyed... or is it? (because I've not made up my mind yet... of course I could always leave it open... although it'll be an odd episode so strictly speaking the artefact should be destroyed)".

As you can see, these things are very useful to me ;) Oh, and the first scene has been written, it's a mess because I was using a leaky gel pen, but it's out of my head at least.

So, my list of jobs to do now includes:
1. Make a banner for the top of this community - I like the skulls, but not that much.
2. Finish making the pictures for the character profiles, and actually change the notes I have on the characters into proper sentences which make sense.
3. Make up my mind about the artefact in the second episode (and then look it up).
4. Actually write the first bloody episode.
5. Travel 800 miles in one weekend round trip... not strictly speaking part of this community, but it's a pretty hefty job so I thought it should be included.
6. Make up my mind about what's being found in episodes three through five (currently I have a list of about fifteen things, really need to narrow that one down).
7. Pretty up the profile for the community... some pictures perhaps...
8. Be more decisive and stop writing scene plans with a handful of different options for what's going to happen, it's a virtual TV series episode, not a choose your own adventure story... although... now that I think about it...
9. Watch Bonekickers DVDs. Just for a laugh, I'm feeling a bit under the weather today.
10. Stop procrastinating on here and actually get some of these jobs done.

Yeah, well that's about it then :D
Okay, so I stayed up far too late last night - research and things of course - and I've got the outline for the first episode down, a few notes for the next few episodes and the basic plot of the final episode.

I'm going to want to start writing fairly soon, but I thought I'd see what you'd like to see.

Poll #1303941 Episode formats?

What format do you want to see the Bonekickers virtual episodes in?

Script format
A combination of script and prose
Something else? (interpretive dance? sonnets? shadow puppets?) Tell me in the comments

Examples under the cutCollapse )
I was going to make this into a poll, then I realised that it doesn't give you guys much opportunity to say exactly what you'd like to see.

Then I can make a poll and you can decide which ones you'd most like see... or something like that.

So, a couple of things.

Firstly, what would you like to see from the historical side of Bonkers? Are there any big historical mysteries that you're itching to have solved? Something that piqued your interest in history classes at school and now you'd like to see it tackled by the Bonekickers team? Maybe there's an artefact from the first series that you'd really like to see again?

Let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

Secondly, what do you want to know about the team? Who's Viv's dad? Does Dolly have a special someone? What does Ben do on his days off? Were there any unanswered questions from the first series that you're still wanting answered?

Again, we'll see what happens :)

Welcome to the community


This layout is a temporary one, but I thought that it suited the community theme the best for the time being. Soon there will be an actual Bonekickers header at the top of that page :D

The first episode is under construction at this very moment. It's in the beginning planning stages (which is to say it currently consists of about ten bullet points with highlighted areas and arrows and little question marks with things like 'Dolly brings in bottle of wine, no shirt?' which seem very important right now, but come tomorrow morning when I try actually typing them up will make no sense at all).

Providing Christmas is kind to me the first of six episodes will be up here by the middle of January. Obviously, I'll be able to give a more specific date closer to the time. At the moment just imagine a fifteen second clip of the Bonkers team looking shocked, excited and worried, followed by the Bonekickers logo and Coming Soon, a la the BBC's usual method of advertising. It'd probably be on just before you changed the channel to BBC1 so you'd miss all the clips and would just get the Coming Soon bit and would end up spending the rest of whatever programme you'd been planning on watching wondering what programme it was that would be coming soon... or something like that.

Anyway, just now I'm going to be posting a few polls, just to get an idea of what you'd like to see around here (after all, I know what I want to see, but I can't read minds you know). Also, feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments below; share your favourite non-Bonkers programmes, your favourite Bonkers quotes, random thoughts, tips for desfrosting rolls, general gripes and moans, you know, the usual things ;)