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Since there won't be a second series of Bonekickers, we'll just have to make our own
Coming in the New Year: Bonekickers, the Virtual Second Series.

Some people watched Bonekickers and moaned, they found fault in the historical inaccuracies, they laughed (at the funny bits and at the bits that probably weren't meant to be funny), or if you were a member of my household you played 'hey I've been there' every time they showed a shot of Bath or Bristol. In short, we loved it.

Unfortunately, the beeb weren't so pleased with some of the reaction. We're not going to have the pleasure of a second series. So let's remedy that. That's the glory of being part of the internet generation. When things don't go quite the way we planned, we come online and write about it instead.

So. First things first, getting the community looking pretty, planning out the series and getting it up online. But I promise, I've sort of been dabbling into the idea of a fanfic, there's an episode on the way - it'll be up in the New Year, in the meantime, watch this community for polls about what you'd like to see and other little bits and pieces :D

Also, if you're wanting Bonekickers discussion and information about the real series you'll want bone_kickers
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